Travelling for a horse is always a great source of stress. Even among the horse athletes, who are the most accustomed to long distance travel, there is always some individual more sensitive who suffers serious damage.

During transport the most common damages are: injuries to the hips for the ones who lean on the walls of the vehicle, concussions to the legs and, for the horses that are panicking in the aircraft cargo, trauma at the head, the most vulnerable part.

Often during the flight, horses are sedated in order to prevent sudden movement especially during the pressure changes and perturbations. In some cases, veterinarians on board are also allowed to euthanize the animal, even in extreme cases.

A comfortable protection, easy to wear, can undoubtedly avoid many problems that can compromise the performance and the end results of the horse athlete.

Let us also not forget that the most delicate phase is when the horse gets on and off the means of transport, especially the first times.

The head is the first part that usually hurts from adverse reactions to pressures. For this reason, the helmet is an essential part to safeguard areas such as the jaw and the TMJ and the eyebrow arch.

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