Independent component  indispensable for a total protection of the legs. Easy to wear they  wrap the legs in areas at risk of injury including knees and hocks. Exclusive special knee reinforcement for a total and absolute guarantee of protection. Special multifunctional protections with front knee pads.

Product details

The external casing is made of a high-tech artisan fabric with thermoformed quilting that provides great beauty and refinement. It is equipped with a hinge for removable covers that are machine washable.


  • horse transportation such as: air, trailer, train and any other necessary means
  • post surgery rehabilitation
  • behavioural problems (horses throwing themselves on the ground, self-harm, mental disorders etc.)
  • reintroduction to sociality for pathological subjects

Technical features

Made with high precision technical materials that can absorb high levels of shock and shock speed. Adjustable anywhere via multiple areas of attachment in Velcro.

In addition to all the technical features as in the other components of the armor, the leg protectors are equipped with knee pads and special reinforcements on the hocks and fetlocks. Special protections , also used in the police force, are applied in the most delicate parts to ensure greater security, especially for horses with behavioral problems.

Added value

In addition to being packaged with technical materials of the highest level and exclusive performance, the leg protections are produced with artisan method to ensure meticulous finishing details.