The main protection component for a full body protection. It looks like a blanket but is not a blanket at all.  Ergonomically shaped for a close fit while being simple and fast to put on. It adheres perfectly to the body following every movement without constraint.

Product details

The full Body Armour wraps the body with great simplicity covering the entire trunk from the base of the neck to the tail. It consists of two pieces, front and back with a hook that allows for quick application.

The Body Armour ensures great protection to the most sensitive parts of the horse in case of impact during transport or falling. It protects the horse’s shoulders, withers and hips. The hind end includes a special tail guard with an easy closure.


  • transportation such as: air, trailer, train and any other necessary means
  • pre and post comfort and protection for horses as they recover from anesthesia
  • rehabilitation for neurological problems
  • behavioural problems (horses throwing themselves on the ground, self-harm, mental disorders etc.)
  • rescue and recovery

Technical features

Due to the composition, totally devoid of PVC (polymerizing vinyl chloride) and toxic materials, the body armor ensures, in a natural and physiological way, a consistent body temperature while allowing continuous transpiration. It helps to transmit any moisture preventing your horse from overheating

The high-tech artisan fabric, due to its natural characteristic, is devoid of any artificial chemicals that could migrate to the animal. Hypoallergenic, it does not develop physiological dust and making it naturally insect resistant.

The inner padding is in perforated and thermoformed Flexfoam of very high lift, naturally antibacterial, resistant to streptococcus, staphylococcus, and antidecubitus because of its breathability. Nontoxic.

The inner lining, soft and nice to feel, is characterized by a cavity that creates total breathability since it allows the natural airflow.

If necessary, the armour can also be used without padding as a protective technology blanket. All the padding is lined to allow washing of the outer cover and not to spoil the inner material.

Added value

The armour was designed and created by an international ethologist and equine therapist together with a family of traditional Italian craftmen specializing in the creation of sport and police protections.

This high quality finished product can be customized, upon request both with aesthetic details and with any distinctive applications provided by the company (crests, logos or embroidery).

Travel accessories, bags and vest can be included upon request.