IRON HORSE is the new brand launched by Animantia Team for the creation of specific protective equipment for horses

The idea was born precisely because there was no specific solution for horses that are exposed to long trips or risky situations involving physical trauma. 

Ethologist and equine behaviorist Elena Bajona, with intense years of experience on her shoulders, trough a compassionate and natural perspective created the ideal solution to prevent injuries on horses and at the same time guarantee fit and breathability.  

The professional experience of Elena’s team together with the expertise and craftsmanship of traditional Italian artisans specialized in protection technology resulted as a perfect match for the realization and production of unique safety equipment of horses.

In Tuscany since 1974

The manufacturer is Italian, based in Tuscany and since 1974 has specialized in protections for sport, Police defense and personal security, both for sports and professional use. 

People of different backgrounds connected by a single interest: use technical skills and personal experience to produce protections and invent innovative solutions for the protection and well-being of the horse.