“For a long time, I looked everywhere for a complete and effective horse protection equipment.  A sort of amour that would avoid important physical damage to mentally disturbed horses”

Many of the horses who come to us for a psychological rehabilitation, have self-destructive behavior including throwing themselves to the ground, biting or hitting limbs, head and body against walls to the point of serious injuries”. narrates Elena Bajona

“Even during the reintroduction of a horse into the wild, serious protection can prevent injury and trauma to inexperienced horses who have never lived in a herd and do not know the rules they need to respect.”

In addition, many owners encountered serious problems during transport, especially in aircraft cargo, but there was nothing that could safeguard the most delicate and fragile horses during travel.

If it does not exist, just create it! So it was!

This adventure began in 2016 with the creation of the first prototype.

A chosen team began to study the most suitable materials, shapes, ergonomics, fit. All rigorously designed and made in Italy by experienced equine professionals and manufacturers specialized in sports and defense protections.

Several horses became the patient mannequins for any test, measurement and attention to detail. A work carried out in parallel to other activities and commitments but that finally took shape and in 2020 there was finally the launch!